We would like to extend our thanks to all who participated in our inaugural LASTS Digital Humanities Pre-conference. The session was well attended and, I hope, well received. We had a healthy mix of enthusiasm and skepticism for DH, lots of great DH examples and resources, and cookies — apparently the digital humanities dialog begins with cookies. Below are links and slides from yesterday’s presentation and a Wordle highlighting “DH in Three Words” submitted by the attendees.

Links from the opening session:

Fred Gibbs: digital humanities definitions by type

Unique collections: Libraries’ Digital Collections
Mass digitization: Hathi Trust
Scholarly communication: People’s Contest
Teaching: Fredericksburg: City of Hospitals

Textual analysis:
MONK, Google Ngram
Voyeur, Juxta, HyperPo

Spatial analysis:
Mapping St. Petersburg
™Digital Literary Atlas of Ireland, 1922-1949
Walking Ulysses
Map of Early Modern London
Visualizing Emancipation
Mapping Gothic France

Case Studies of Digital Humanities Pedagogy
HYBRID PEDAGOGY: A Digital Journal of Teaching & Technology
DH in the Classroom

Data Visualization:
Visualizing Scholarly Trends
™FlowingData tutorials
Tooling up for the Digital Humanities: Data Visualization