for Sheila Sqillante’s English 15 “Curated Art Exhibit Assignment”

Students in this class have an assignment to select and present materials in an online exhibition.  This requires locating pictures, audio, or video and presenting it in a way that respects potential copyrights.  The links below point to sources for art, music, video, and other “exhibitable” media., as well as basic copyright information.

Google Art Project

Images provided by 156 museums worldwide.  Sometimes downloading is possible by linking to the museum’s web site, but more important is the ability to use My Galleries to “curate” your own public exhibition.  This is mostly historic art plus some recent art – all still images.


An even broader assortment of millions of pictures of art, but must be used in Penn-State only spaces.

Media Commons:  Free Media Library

A list of useful media sites compiled by your friends in Penn State’s Media Commons.

Penn State University Libraries Research Guides

Librarians at Penn State have posted nearly 400 guides to all sorts of information. The following selections have useful tips for finding media.


Documentary Film (Websites tab)

Film Archives and Stock Footage

Image Databases


Music (Streaming Audio & Video tab and the Audio Recordings tab)

News Photographs

Picture and Image Resources

Videos (about DVDs at Penn State)

Copyright Tip:  When you connect to any of the resources listed above, if you are asked by Penn State to log in (authenticate) the resource you are connecting to is probably licensed.  This means that Penn State pays for your access to the resource.  When that is the case, you are usually not permitted to re-post the content openly on the web.

More Detailed Copyright Info

Scholarly Communications Services: Copyright

Penn State Copyright Perspectives

NOTE:  It is possible to create playlists of video or audio from sources such as Spotify or You Tube and to front them with your own blog or other textual presentation.  For instructions see help pages  such as:

“How To: Embed a Spotify Play Button on your Blog, Forum or Website”

“You Tube on Your Site”

Happy hunting!

Henry Pisciotta, Arts and Architecture Librarian