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The feedback we’ve been receiving about LASTS2013 has been truly positive and fruitful, giving us plenty of ideas for LASTS2014. It has also generated interest for DH on campus and we’d love to keep this spark alive. Most importantly, however, is that we’ve heard several comments such as, “I attended LASTS, loved hearing of the many ways digital scholarship and different technologies can enhance my research and teaching, but now what? How do I get started?”

Well, here is one answer: Check out DHNow.

DHNow is a website that features DH scholarship, projects, funding opportunities, CFPs, jobs, and other news (for free!). Moreover, it offers those interested in joining the DH conversation two great options for getting started: 1) The option to submit and showcase your own research, and for those not yet ready for this, 2) Contribute to DHNow by volunteering as an editor-at-large. The function of the editor-at-large is to: “monitor the work of the digital humanities community by reviewing aggregated RSS feeds from blogs, websites, and Twitter, and suggest content for publication in DHNow and the Journal of Digital Humanities,” allowing DH “newbies” not only to get involved in the DH conversation, but also to become increasingly aware of scholarship, projects, and technologies available on the web.

(If becoming an editor-at-large sounds interesting but you’re not sure how digital projects and scholarship are being evaluated, check out the MLA’s “Guidelines for Evaluating Work in Digital Humanities and Digital Media.”)