Mar 03, 2014 from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Foster Auditorium (Paterno Library)

This symposium focuses on the alternative academic careers that a growing number of scholars are employed in and what that reality means, now and going forward, in a rapidly transforming information age, university environment, and labor market.

Many private and public universities are seeing an increasing number of scholars trained at the graduate level opt for alternative academic careers—in the digital humanities, museums, libraries, and research institutes, and in non-profits and publishing, among other careers.  This state-of-the-field event will be a chance for us at Penn State, and our invited guest presenters, to focus in a visible and conscientious way on that reality as we seek to better understand and prepare for the rapidly changing nature of what it is we do as liberal arts scholars in a (post-)digital age.

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