The Following Oxford Bibliographies topics are now available to the Penn  State University community thanks to funding from Peter and Ann Tombros and other sources:

Biblical Studies – Oxford Bibliographies

The modern academic study of the Bible is a highly technical and  multifaceted field. Its practitioners are often required to gain expertise  in diverse areas ranging from archaeology, Egyptology, Assyriology, and linguistics through textual, historical, and sociological studies, to literary theory, feminist studies, philosophy, and theology – to name but a few. As a result, the field of Biblical Studies is incredibly dynamic, with new discoveries, new methodologies, and new perspectives continually being brought to bear on the interpretation of the Bible. Managing the ever-expanding universe of scholarly publications in this field of study has proven to be a monumental if not near impossible task. Oxford Bibliographies in Biblical Studies provides students and scholars with a reliable and authoritative solution to the problem of information overload.

Classic – Oxford Bibliographies

The study of the ancient world is a cornerstone of Western scholarship. It possesses a long history with a rich, well-established critical literature, and it is also a highly active field, which constantly produces new discoveries, interpretations, and theories. In addition to a vast body of scholarship, Classical Studies has been quick to move online so that today’s students and researchers have ready access to key primary source texts and a range of electronic resources. Oxford Bibliographies in Classics provides students and scholars with a reliable and authoritative solution to the problem of information overload in all media.

Jewish Studies – Oxford Bibliographies

The field of Jewish studies is broad and interdisciplinary, encompassing history, religion, philosophy, literature, sociology and political science. Its chronological and geographical range is immense, stretching from the Bible to the present and including communities from the Americas to Western and Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, South and East Asia, and Africa. Given the diversity of Jewish culture, it is extraordinarily difficult for students and scholars to stay informed about such a wide diversity of sources. The Oxford Bibliographies Jewish Studies offers expert guidance through its carefully selected articles that break down subject areas into their component parts and pithy annotations that summarize the main contribution of each citation.