“We Can’t Go There With You”: Trauma Rhetoric and its Abuses in Times of Sustained Threat
Rosemary Jolly, Penn State University

Monday, September 15, 2014
102 Kern Building
Gather around noon or 12:15 for lunch and conversation; the presentation begins at 12:30.  Allowing a few minutes for discussion, we should conclude in time for 1:25 classes.  Feel free to arrive late, or leave early, if you need to do so.

“Rosemary Jolly is an expert on literature and human rights, specifically the relations between the aesthetic characteristics of narratives — personal, fictional, political and testimonial – and advocacy for, and achievement of, the lived experience of human rights in the lives of vulnerable populations. Her research focuses on narratives, written and oral, from the land of her birth, South Africa.  She has held numerous grants from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.  Her work explores the relations between gender-based violence and HIV/AIDS among racially stigmatized populations; and the lives of victims of state-sponsored torture. She is skilled in creating relations of trust with abuse survivors, whose narratives she analyses to improve social, clinical, and legal services to meet their needs. She is an award-winning instructor and mentor, and the co-founder of rape crisis clinics in rural South Africa.  In addition to her expertise on research ethics involving highly vulnerable populations, she has a keen interest in the applied ethics of university and NGO governance, having served on several Boards, including the Board of Trustees of her former university.”

The Comparative Literature Luncheon is a weekly informal lunchtime gathering of students, faculty, and other members of the University community. Each week there is a short (20 minute) presentation, by a visitor or a local speaker, on a topic related to any humanities discipline.

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