The Center for Humanities and Information (CHI) announced the 2015-16 faculty and predoctoral fellows.

CHI supports research on the role information plays in the production of social meaning and value across the human sciences, from the orality-literacy transition to the new digital media. Each year, the Center seeks to recruit a wide range of fellows who will reflect its broad interests in information theory and its commitment to the humanities’ traditional interest in the long history of human culture. For more information about the Center and fellowships, visit

2015-16 Faculty Fellows:

Jessamyn Abel, Asian Studies
“From Communication Line to Data Point: The Bullet Train as Information”

Richard Doyle, English
“Radio Free Valis and Phytopsyche: Two Books on the Discursive Effects of the Concepts and Practices of Information”

Samuel Frederick, German
“A Poetics of Collecting: The Redemption of Things in German Realism and Modernism”

Kathryn Gines, Philosophy
“Collegium of Black Women Philosopers in a Digital Age”

Michael Legaspi, CAMS
“Information, Knowledge, and the Pursuit of Wisdom”

Stewart Selber, English
“Institutions, Literacies, Technologies”

2015-16 Predoctoral Fellows:

Joshua DiCaglio, English
“Scalar Consciousness: Rhetorical Inquiry and the Search for Cosmos”

Abram Foley, English
“By What Strange Channels: Assembling Contemporary Literature”

Le Pao, Comparative Literature
“The Informatics of Poetry”

Kaitlyn Patia, CAS
“Democratic Vistas: The Rhetorical Expression and Promise of Democratic Faith”

Matthew Price, English
“Of Minor Spaces: Critical Literary Geographies of Modern British Novel”

T. Franklin Waddell, College of Communications
“Do Viewers Conform to the Social Media Crowd? The Effect of Social Television Metrics on Perceptions of Social Reality”